Where are the Fantastic Beasts – Novel – Written Update

Where are the Fantastic Beasts (Novel)
Other Name: 神奇动物在哪里

Genre: novel, fantasy
Author: JK Rowling
Year: 2020
Chapter: N/A


The fundamental story is: Newt is a man Audacious globe-trotter and sorcery zoologist. To track down the most esteemed and remarkable supernatural creatures on the planet, he regularly goes all throughout the planet by boat to find and track down those enchanted creatures. Presently he has recently completed an outing all throughout the planet. He initially came to New York just to require a couple of long periods of rest, however he didn’t expect that since he took some unacceptable bag, somebody opened the bag and made some mystical creatures in the bag flee. Came out, raising Newt a great deal of ruckus.

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