Hidden Sweet Wife (2021) – Drama

Hidden Sweet Wife (2021)
Other Title: 许少的隐婚甜妻, Xu shao de yin hun tian qi, Xu Shao’s Hidden Married Sweet Wife

Genres: drama, romance
 Zhao Bowen
Zhao Bowen
Release Date: 
April 29, 2021


Xu Shao’s Secret Wedded Sweet Spouse – television Arrangement” is coordinated by Zhao Bowen, featuring Li Zegan, Octopus, Gong Jiahao, Wang Yiyou, and so forth The show of the web dramatization Xu Shao’s Secret Wedded Sweet Spouse is adjusted from the mainstream sweet top choice of Shanghai Ake Culture Media Co., Ltd. The manga “Beautiful Picks A Little Child”. The journalist Su Xiaoxiao, who talked about’as a sister of Tianqiao’, was hitched to Xu Yichen, the new leader of the Xu Gathering in view of his dad’s last desire. Be that as it may, in light of the fact that the Su family fell in the family, the two were in a condition of covered up marriage.

As an individual of note, Xu Yichen has outrages with numerous big names. The apparently pointless Xu Yichen has consistently been enamored with his youth darling Mama Su Xiaoxiao. After a wide range of errors, they went with and warmed one another, and Xu Yichen quietly protected regardless of how troublesome it was. Until Su Xiaoxiao at long last found reality and settled the glad bunch, the two grinned and strolled connected at the hip.

The play has a place with the topic of metropolitan love dramatization, picked a complex creation group, yet additionally completely fit the job’s character in the projecting, and endeavor to reestablish the appeal of the job. The male hero is cold, however is elite to his significant other, and the female hero is unadulterated and has very certain perspectives! Different characters in the play are likewise loaded with looks! It very well may be supposed to be a visual blowout!

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