Fantasy Westward Journey (2021) – Drama – Written Update

Fantasy Westward Journey (2021)
Other Title: 指尖少年, Meng Huan Xi You, Zhi Jian Shao Nian, 梦幻西游

Genres: Action, Youth, Fantasy
Wai Hong Chui
Tencent Video, Mango TV,
Release Date: 
Apr 22, 2021 – May 8, 2021


  • Sebrina Chen as Gu Ling / Darcy
  • Simon Gong as Ren Yi Xia
  • Kenji Chen as Long Zi Che
  • Larina Zhang as Hu Miao Miao
  • Ai Jia Ni as Yan Yu Fei
  • Liu Yi Chang as Xiao Han Lin


The television arrangement “Fingertips” is adjusted from the round of a similar name. It is a young dream network dramatization created by Tang Individuals’ Film and TV. It is coordinated by Xu Huikang, Chen Yao, Gong Jun, Chen Bairong, Zhang Leyun, computer based intelligence Jiani, Liu Yichang, Wen Yuan, Dong Featuring Chen, Sha Yanling and others. The play recounts the narrative of a gathering of game experts who are engaged with the emergency of covering virtual and reality on account of a bug in the game. An imperceptible bug in a game that has cleared the nation consistently interfaces the game world with this present reality, and includes a gathering of gamers who initially had no convergence in reality into the emergency of covering virtual and reality… …

Any Xia and his great sibling Li Yuan, grew up together, all things considered, but at the same time are acceptable accomplices in the game world. To substantiate himself, Li Yuan, who couldn’t meet his abilities, attempted to stir the old fiendish god savage lord in the game and endeavor to control the game world. To stop Li Yuan, Yi Xia chose to assemble the top parts in the game, Gu Ling, Long Ziche, Yan Yufei, and Xiao Hanlin, to frame a “Knight Gathering”, a fight that pulled in the consideration, everything being equal, yet unintentionally made a “dimensional door”, not just Let the characters in the game open their brains, and let the players of the knight bunch acquire super powers!

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