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Hidden Sweet Wife (2021) – Drama

Hidden Sweet Wife (2021) Other Title: 许少的隐婚甜妻, Xu shao de yin hun tian qi, Xu Shao’s Hidden Married Sweet Wife Genres: drama, romance Episodes: 24 Country: China Director: Zhao Bowen Writer: Zhao Bowen Network: Youku Release Date: April 29, 2021 Summation: Xu Shao’s Secret Wedded Sweet Spouse – television Arrangement” is coordinated by Zhao Bowen, featuring Li Zegan, …

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Fantasy Westward Journey (2021) – Drama – Written Update

Fantasy Westward Journey (2021) Other Title: 指尖少年, Meng Huan Xi You, Zhi Jian Shao Nian, 梦幻西游 Genres: Action, Youth, Fantasy Episodes: 20 Country: China Director:  Wai Hong Chui Writer: Network: Tencent Video, Mango TV, Release Date: Apr 22, 2021 – May 8, 2021 Cast: Sebrina Chen as Gu Ling / Darcy Simon Gong as Ren Yi Xia …

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The First Days (Fiction) – Novel

Isibaya Mzansi Magic

The First Days Other Name: The First Days Genre: fiction Country: English Author: Rhiannon Frater Rundown: Katie is heading to work one excellent day when a dead man hops into her vehicle and attempts to eat her. That very morning, Jenni opens a room entryway to discover her better half eating up their little …

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Eye Of A Doughboy: 28 Grams – Novel

Muvhango Mzansi Magic

Eye Of A Doughboy: 28 Grams Other Name: Eye Of A Doughboy: 28 Grams Genre: fiction Author: ExcuseMe Legend aka Doughboy Wee Year: 20 Pages: 80 Rundown: Jamal, the local street pharmacist, took 28 grams of canine food and assembled himself a Domain! He wanted to never think back… Sounds like an arrangement, however that …

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Death In Love – Novel – Written Update

Scandal Mzansi

Death In Love (Novel) Other Name: Death In LoveGenre: novel, Author: Zin Murphy Year: Chapter: 100+ pages Synopsis: A convincing story of regular demise, life and love in a period of war. The harsh warmth of January that shoots its way into the Land Meanderer is as yet an amazement to Kenny Brakeman. It …

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